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The Lifespan of Fiat Currencies


Here are some interesting points from a study of over 775 fiat currencies.

  • Shortest life span: 1 month
  • Average life span: 27 years
  • Longest life span: 317 years (pound sterling). However, the pound sterling has lost 99.5% of its original value.

So, what happened to these currencies?

  • 20% failed through hyperinflation
  • 21% were destroyed by war
  • 12% destroyed by independence
  • 24% were monetarily reformed
  • 23% are still in circulation

So… 41% of fiat currencies were destroyed by the very policies NATO countries are undertaking every day? That sounds promising for economic stability and recovery! </sarcasm>

The Fed wants to print more money


Can anyone say hyper inflation?

Go buy more gold. 

Silver’s a pretty good idea too. And guns. And food, water, and all the other societal collapse preps. Because let’s face it, when the dollar goes down, it’s taking a lot of our social structure with it.